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THE South Beds Dial-A-Ride SERVICE

This is our prime service and the reason we exist. It is a door to door service with assistance where appropriate for those who find it difficult to use public transport. The other services we offer are aimed at providing support to the dial-a-ride service.

  • ALL passengers MUST be members of South Beds Dial-a-Ride to use our service. This is a requirement of the permits from the Department of Transport under which we operate. Central Bedfordshire based members’ single fares are £2 or £2.50 as fares are subsidised by Central Bedfordshire Council.
  • Central Beds members must possess a valid National Concessionary Bus Pass. We can help you apply for this.
  • Luton based members pay a single fare of £4, £5 or £6 (maximum) depending on distance. We receive no subsidy from Luton BC for Luton’s members.
  • All members call by telephone to make a request for a ride. Please see our “Guidelines for Members” for how to get the most out of our service.
  • A companion may travel with a member. See “Membership Costs and Benefits” for all conditions.
  • Members are invited to join us at our twice yearly Saturday coffee mornings.

How To Book

Call by telephone to request a ride.

01525 220044

Please see Guidelines for Members for how to get the most out of our service.