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Firstly, the bad news (but read on) - Sadly the funding for our National Lottery funded service has now expired. We have applied for new funding and await a decision.

Now the good news - The feedback from our 'OUT OF AREA HOSPITAL TRANSPORT SERVICE' was so good and the service perceived as so invaluable, that our Trustees have agreed to continue to fund this service temporarily from our own reserves. Please call 01582235454 for more details.


The initial National Lottery Funding lasted 6 months, during which period we were delighted to have helped a total of 86 passengers to 36 destinations for 183 appointments

Our 'OUT OF AREA HOSPITAL SERVICE' delivered 34 patients safely to 24 destinations for 98 appointments from Dunstable, Luton and surrounding areas to an area including Bedford, Hitchin, various hospitals in and around Central London, and Mount Vernon in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Our COVID VACCINATION SERVICE took 52 passengers to 12 destinations for 85 appointments in Central Beds, Luton, Hertfordshire and Bedford.

In addition to the Lottery Funded services we have delivered over 5,500 presciptions to people's homes in Luton and Central Beds between April 2020 to date.

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